IP Litigation and the art of Motorcycle Riding

We’ve all been there. You’ve designed the ultimate motorcycle exhaust system, you’ve developed a name for yourself in the motorcycle business and everyone knows you offer premium, advanced technology, and high-quality materials.  You are in fact, responsible, for the thrill of thousands riding with the wind, their adrenaline pumping high – on a motorcycle bearing your exhaust system and your name. What comes up around the bend is shocking: even motorcycle exhaust systems may be counterfeited!

Such was the case with our client Akrapovic, the world-renown exhaust systems brand from Slovenia. Before the Covid-19 crisis erupted, our firm learned from Israeli Customs that they have detained exhaust systems that seem to infringe upon Akrapovic’s rights.

Efficiently and swiftly, Eran Soroker and Robert Dorneanu from our litigation team prepared and filed a lawsuit against the infringer, a local importer. After an intense round of negotiations, the infringer, who did not want to bear the expense of legal proceedings, accepted an agreement in which he undertook not to infringe upon Akrapovic’s rights, he would ensure the destruction of the imported goods and compensate Akrapovic.

All in all, an excellent result and a great excuse to put our helmets on and ride into the sunset…


Civil Case 59126-01-20 Igor Akrapovic v. Khaled Keissy and others


Pic credit: Wallace and Gromit’s ‘Washomatic’ by Nick Park-