Procurement of intellectual property


Leveraging our robust experience in litigation, Soroker Agmon Nordman Riba offers a distinct perspective on safeguarding your intellectual property. We undertake the evaluation, drafting, execution, and enforcement of your intellectual property rights. Our involvement in intellectual property litigation allows us to craft your intellectual property applications in a manner that anticipates and addresses potential future obstacles.

  • Patent, Trademark and Design Applications Drafting & Prosecution
  • Shortened Examination Procedures
  • Patent & Trademark Opposition & Interference practice
  • Cancellation & Amendment Practice
  • Ownership Disputes
  • Reinstatement Proceedings
  • Protection Term Extension Proceedings
  • Compulsory Licenses
  • Appeals Practice

Soroker Agmon Nordman Riba is fully equipped to handle all facets of intellectual property procurement before the Israeli, US or Singapore patent offices. Whether it’s patent, patent design or trademark applications, ownership disputes, appeals, term extension of protection, or any other intellectual property-related matter, we have the proficiency to manage it.

Soroker Agmon Nordman Riba offers unique expertise in design and trademark fields. Our extensive experience in litigation and intellectual property transactions affords us a deep understanding of how to safeguard your intellectual property rights and the level of protection law can grant. In the context of designs and trademarks, our seasoned knowledge enables us to support your branding and identity-shaping process.

Company logos, slogans, and banners are vital components of any marketing strategy and corporate image. The security of trademarks is a fundamental aspect of preserving your company’s image and reputation, ensuring your distinctiveness from competitors.

Our specialized services, coupled with our unique approach to registered intellectual property rights in the light of litigation and other contentious proceedings, ensure significant benefits for our clients in managing their intellectual property portfolio. Our holistic suite of intellectual property specializations serves to enhance our clients’ businesses substantially.