New Israeli Patent Authority Circular re Section 18 (publications and references)

In accordance with the Patent Authority Circular- “Applicant’s response to the Authority’s request to submit references and publications” Regarding: Section 18 of the Patents Law; Rule 36 of the Patents Regulations (Office practices, procedures, documents and fees), (In effect since February 6, 2012): In response to the Authority’s demand under Section 18 the applicant must submit: a list of references on which the patent authorities, in the relevant countries, relied on while examining the patent request (section 18(1)), And a list of publications published before the application date which are known to the applicant and directly related to the invention (section 18(2)). It is not allowed to include publications under section 18(2) that were included in the list under section 18(1). The applicant must issue one copy of the publications under article 18(1) which were quoted against the Innovation and the Invention progress of the application on a CD or DVD media. The media submitted in response to the Authority’s demand under section 18 should include these publications only. The media should be distinguished by mentioning the applicant’s name on it and the number of the application. If several media are submitted it should be numbered chronologically.