To be online? Or not to be? Commercially and legally

To celebrate 20 years since the foundation of Soroker Agmon Nordman we are proud to present the second in a series of short videos showcasing our work.
Many thanks (again!) to Pola Studio for a fun production!

No more copyright infringements:

Link to first movie – Red soled shoes :


Soroker Agmon Nordman | IP & beyond

No more copyright infringements

To be online or not to be?

Thanks to the internet

you can buy anything 

Commercially and Legally

from anywhere

With retail e-commerce 

generating over $3 trillion

Case #: 5448/32 Black Pearl

2017 – Sea of Spa use their 

Online e-commerce platform 

to sell their Dead Sea cosmetics products  

They then discover dozens of their

original photos and item descriptions 

were being used by others

We acted

We took them to court

The result


Case closed! NEXT